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With the World Cup approaching, people are getting ready to get fired up by this upcoming event. While the national teams are practicing endlessly, even the broadcasting companies are fighting to dominate the broadcasting of the matches. Similar to the Winter Olympics, the different broadcasting companies are competing with each other to get a domination of broadcasting during the World Cup. Because of the rapidly developing technology, even the electronic companies are pushing themselves beyond their limits to provide the best possible experiences for their customers. Recently, the commercialization of 3DTVs has brought the technology aspect of the World Cup broadcasting into attention. From Full HD quality to mobile to 3D broadcasting, this year’s World Cup seems to be a site of a technological wonder.
Recently, there has been many words about this new 3D technology. There are claims that there are side-effects to watching on the 3D TV. Also, it was pointed out that even though the graphics are 3D, there is no real meaning to that unless the sound is on surround (3D Surround Speaker). Recently, Samsung has made 3D TVs more utilizable when they released the “Full HD 3D LED TV 9000 series.” This was because not only the TV was now able to play 3D, it also had normal HD playing abilities. Finally, the TV’s ability to convert 2D videos into 3D played a huge role in its success, for, there are not many 3D contents available yet.
Interestingly, while the world is getting ready for this great event, there are 25,000 families watching the World Cup in Black and White TV in England.
In Aldous Huxley’s popular novel Brave New World, the author describes a dystopia in which the society itself is able to be maintained perfectly, but the individual person is unable to keep hold of individual rights. Although this sounds like something bad, the people of the World State (The dystpian state) are all happy. Many people consider this “happiness” created in the World State as fake and worse than normal happiness. From this point, a constantly disputed topic arises. Which is the better model of the society? The World State? Or the society we live in currently? As the global economical depression drives many people to unhappiness, many people question if it is truly better in the real world than to be in the World State.
Although there is no real answer to this, I believe that the society may be better off by being a part of the World State. Although it is true that many people may view the state as unpleasant now, newborns will all be conditioned against anything that could potentially make them unhappy. Also, they would not have experience in anything but this lifestyle. Thus, the citizens will then be perfectly happy.
However, there are major flaws to this. First, unlike drugs in real life, soma of the World State does not have any sideeffects. Although in World State, you can take drugs without any pressure, in real life, you must always be careful of the consequences that follow. Thus, although the World State has a well structured society, there are flaws in maintaining such a society in reality

Recently, I noticed a lot of change in many of the Harry Potter Characters. I will show Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Malfoy in this post.

First, lets start with Harry. Harry grew up pretty nicely…Although these pictures seem better than what he appears to be in the movie.

Looks exactly like the Harry from the book




Although he doesn’t really match the “Harry Potter” now, Harry grew well.


Pretty normal too, but again, depends on the photo.


Really popular. Looks evil.

OK. Looks a bit thin.

Looks like a loner.







Anyways, overall, Hermione grew up to be the prettiest. Although all of the characters started from a perfect match from the character inside the book, they all grew up very differently from their characters. Malfoy…I shouldn’t say this, but this guy failed. I think it is interesting to see all these characters, who are of similar age as me, change.

For many years of my childhood, I remember Sharper Images as a very cool store. Although it had mostly “geeky” attractions, the high-tech novelty gadgets they sold were pretty cool either way. Although most of these cool gadgets were mostly useless, that wasn’t the point. Filled with life sized light sabers, hovercrafts that travel both on ground/water, full-size pinball machines, and etc, Sharper Image maintained its status as a very enjoyable shop to visit.

However, compared to the fact that the items are mostly targeted to children (Although some are for adults, too), their products are too overpriced. Although it isn’t much of a “rip off,” they aren’t really affordable considering that it’s pretty much useless. Like many people, although I enjoyed going to the shop regularly to play with the gadgets once a while, I rarely bought something. And even when I bought something, most of the times, it was one of those items that I took to school one day, everyone said “Wow!” to, and got put into the storage room.

Back to the topic, although this isn’t the main reason why Sharper Image failed, a lot of people probably have similar opinions about Sharper Image. The major reason why Sharper Image failed was because of the present economic depression that forced people to cut back on discretionary spending.

On May 29, 2008, a joint venture led by Hilco Consumer Capital Corp. and Gordon Brothers Group won a bankruptcy auction to acquire the assets of The Sharper Image, paying more than $49 million for the company’s assets.

On March 26th, the Korean ship, Cheonan, sank, killing 46 people in the process. There are countless rumors concerning how the ship actually crashed. Because these rumors aren’t entirely unsupported by evidence, we will briefly talk about the evidence that currently exists and two popular scenarios of the the tragedy.

The First Scenario

We take what the government is telling us as the truth. As the government implies, the Cheonan Ship was patrolling the coast. Suddenly, an explosion occurred in 9:16 PM. Due to this unknown explosion, the ship split in half. Although the front of the ship floated long enough for some crew to escape, the rear end of the ship sunk too fast for the rest of the crew who were resting in their rooms. The ship sank for a total of 6 minutes. There were a total of 104 men on the ship. 58 crew survived and were rescued. Many people presume that it would have been a torpedo that caused this explosion. As a torpedo explodes, it creates a mini-vaccum as the water is pushed away from the explosion site. Because there is an area of no water directly underneath the ship, the ship’s weight does not hold, and leads ultimately to the ship’s destruction. This meets all evidence that the government has released to the public. For example, the Korea Natural Resource Laboratory sensed a vibration of magnitude 1.5. They state that this vibration would most likely have been a response to the explosion beneath the ship. Included with this scenario is the question: “Who shot the torpedo?” Some people state that this may have been caused by the North Koreans and that a war may break out in the near future. This caused uninformed citizens to become blindly fearful of the situation.

A student of KIS stated, “I’m just afraid that if a war breaks out, all males of Korean citizenship in Sophomore year up will have to participate.”

However, there are many people who doubt this scenario. First, the government keeps talking about calculations that makes the statement about a North Korean torpedo accidentally drifting into the Korean Coast. However, although it may be possible, they do not seem to take into account that the probability is nearly 0. In addition, the government is keeping the survivors hidden from the media. What might be the explanation for this?

The Second Scenario

Others believe that this whole incident may have merely been an accident entirely because of bad maintenance. Due to constant pressure and little maintenance, the ship went through what is commonly called a brittle fracture. This explains many of the observed happenings, as well as reasons why the government would want to cover up the story. When the 1200 ton ship started leaking, it would have had increasingly more pressure on its tail. As the tail sunk and the front rose, the force on the center of the ship would have been immense; it explains perfectly for the ship splitting into pieces.

If the parents of the soldiers who died find out that their sons’ deaths were due to the neglect from the government to fund the maintenance, they would be simply enraged. There are numerous evidence supporting this scenario as well. For example, the American-Korean military were doing practice drills on water nearby; if there was a signal from the ship, the ships nearby would have undoubtedly heard the transmission.

The reason for this dispute for the truth is because the government-released details are very weak at the moment. There is not enough truth and enough contradictions that people are becoming increasingly doubtful of the facts released by the government. Although the truth cannot be found at the moment, it is clear that both sides of the scenario have their pros and cons.

This anime is the most innovative one I have ever watched in my life (Life=around 300 anime = 1000 x 24 episodes x 25 minutes each x 1hour/60 minutes x 1day/24hours= 416 days). This piece of artwork should be awarded or something because it provides students with an incentive to actually study hard. Lets go deeper into the plot.

The Fumizuki Academy, where the main character attends, is a private school where a caste-like system is severely enforced. In this academy, the grade is divided into 7 classes. From A to F class, the facilities and privileges available to students vary. The A class are given unbelievably luxurious facility. The F class is given nothing except the room itself. For a better school life, the students are challenged to get into higher-level classes by scoring high on tests. Individuals can move up or down classes through the entrance exam at the beginning of each year, and a class as a whole can trade facilities with another class by having a “battle”.

In these class battles, students literally battle with their avatars that appear automatically in battle conditions (Something very hi-tec). These avatars fight with each other and if the leader of each class is captured, the losing class complies to the winning class’s wishes (Whether not to trade facilities).

Now the “innovative” part comes in here: the avatars that battle each other have attack points that is proportional to the test scores the owner of the avatar received previously in the subject of their choice. Not only this seems like an extremely fun event, the students are really motivated in this situation to try their best in tests, not only for the “colleges” that their parents want them to attend, but for their own high school life.

In the story, the story focuses on a main character that is an “idiot (where the name of the anime came from)” and is in the F class. This F class is special because a friend of the idiot is a genius who couldn’t take the placement exam because she was sick; she automatically failed the test and got into the F class. The F class makes several attempts to promote their facilities throughout the school year.

I will stop the spoiler here, just incase people may want to actually watch this anime after reading this review. As repetitively said, I cannot emphasize the degree to which I envy the students of this school; they are provided with unlimited incentives to actually study. Am I the only one feels like I would do better in that school?

A brief side note: I love how the narrator uses the term “academic warrior” to describe the students

Usually, the “harvesting seasons” of anime is during April/June and November/December. This April, quite a few new anime came out. Although you can find the partial list here, I’ll finish up what Claire hasn’t; here’s the rest of the list of the new Animes coming out this April:

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On, the site provides numerous interesting “hacking” challenges to the users. To make an account and log into the site, the site provides “simple (not really)” challenges. By passing through the 5 warmup challenges, you can make an account. Really, its pretty interesting. I will explain each of the warmups here, although if you really want to try the warmups, you should do them yourself..

-Warning- The author is not proficient himself, so don’t trust him too much

You should do this on Google Chrome…just makes your life easier

Warmup 1
View the source… scroll to the bottom of the page. There, you should be able to find the password without a problem.
Hint: + indicates to put the words together without the + sign.

Warmup 2
Telnet the site.
To telnet means to establish a connection with the Telnet protocol.
To do this, run the telnet command on terminal…or cmd.
it should look something like: telnet 22
The 22 indicates the port number with 22 being the default.
This should tell you the ssh similar to the one given by the example

Warmup 3
This one is funny: it tells you to pick a bacon out of a list…that doesn’t include one.
The list gives apples, lemons, mangos, and oranges, but nowhere can you find bacons.
Here, you have to edit the source of the page so that there is a bacon.
If you are on google chrome, go to view, developer, developer tools. There, search for the source that codes for the selection box. With it found, write an option for bacons:

<select name=”chosen”>
<option value=”Apple”>Apple</option>
<option value=”Bacon”>Bacon</option>
<option value=”Lemon”>Lemon</option>
<option value=”Mango”>Mango</option>
<option value=”Orange”>Orange</option>

With the bacon in there, the list now should contain a bacon. Select it, then proceed to warmup 4.

Warmup 4

Similar to number 2, the site tells you to get the password from a page that cannot be opened with a browser.

Go to terminal again and type:

telnet 80

this connects you with the site.

To get the specific page, you type


This will give you the answer.


Warmup 5  [Edited] <- Thank you people for commenting


I don’t know if this is the right method but, just try every digit/alphabet until the numbers get close enough.

To save you from the pain, the pw is live.

The password changes…you’re on your own for this one. It’s more time consuming than difficult.

Congrats, now you can register for the site. (All that just to register)

First 12 Episodes

Brief Intro…
Gurren Lagann takes place in a fictional future in which human beings have been forced under Earth’s surface. These villages have no contact with the surface world or other villages. To extend these underground villages, the people dig further into the Earth. Simon, a fourteen-year old digger, is a talented digger. Although he is despised by females, his fellow orphan brother named Kamina trusts Simon’s skills as a digger. One day, Simon discovers a “face” of a robot while digging….

Last 12 Episodes

The whole story is based on the theme of DNA. DNA symbolizes numerous things in the story. The spiral motion that is described to be characteristic of life is the shape of the DNA itself. The drill, that is portrayed as powerful, is spiral shaped. “One spin of the drill progresses a person, regardless of how small the change may be.” The Anti-Sprials are afraid that the world would collapse due to the immense energy created by the spiral species (Parallel to the Big Bang theory). Though they were once a Spiral-species themselves, they have turned against the Spirals to avoid the Ultimate Fate of the Universe (Wikipedia that, if you’re curious). The spiral energy produced by Simon and other spiral warriors are based on the essence of life. Likewise, Viral, as an artificial life form, cannot produce spiral energy, for, he is not a spiral life form.
Character Names Defined:
Simon: Derived from Simo-Ground
Kamina: Derived from Kami-Sky
Yoko: Derived from Yoko- Side
Nia: Derived from the word near
Roshiu: Derived from Ushio- Back
Riron: Derived from Lilon- Theory
Logenome: Derived from Lord Genome
Minions of Logenome:
– Thymilph: Derived from the nitrogenous base Thymine + Elemental Sylph
– Guame: Derived from the nitrogenous base Guanine+ Elemental Gnome
– Citomandra: Derived from the nitrogenous base Cytosine + Elemental Salamander
– Adene: Derived from the nitrogenous base Adenine + Elemental Undine

I’ve always known Square Enix as a video game company. Their most popular games including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts are immense projects that have been played by an indefinite number of people throughout their history. Along with me, a majority of the people know and encountered this company as a video-game company. However, one day, I noticed that the Square Enix logo appeared on one of the Japanese animations I was watching. Although it didn’t register at first, after several encounters with the company’s logo on various media, not limited to magazines, manga, and anime, I started to wonder how big the company is. So I googled it.

Square Enix was formed as the result of a merger between Square Co. and the Enix Corporation on 2003. The company also possesses the Taito Corporation and the Eidos Interactive (Which has been absorbed into Square Enix Europe).

Although a vast number of people would disagree, I would say that their best games are in the Final Fantasy series. The series began in 1987 as an eponymous video game developed to save Square from bankruptcy; the game was a success and spawned sequels Although most Final Fantasy titles tell independent stories with various different settings and main characters, they feature common elements including: themes, names, and mechanics. Plots center on a group of heroes battling a great evil while exploring the characters’ internal struggles and relationships.

FFI (The game that saved the company from bankruptcy)

The most recent series, the Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix astounded gamers in the world with its fascinating graphics. The game, released on the PS3 and the XBox 360, was developed with the Crystal Tools of Square Enix. The game sold 1.7 million units on its first day of sale in Japan. In total, it has sold over five million units currently.

Yes, this is a game

Other popular media that Square Enix is famous for includes: Full Metal Alchemist (Anime+ Manga), Souleater (Anime+Manga), Final Fantasy (Movie+Anime+Game+Novel), Black Butler, Bamboo Blade, and etc.

Upon becoming aware of the influence the company has on my everyday life, this research was interesting for me.

That concludes my 4th blogpost….6 left.