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I came upon this topic in a conversation with Hyunwoo for some reason and thought it would be………a bit interesting to list the greek alphabets and their common usages. So here’s your list of letters and usages. <NOTE: There are definitely more usages for these alphabets. I will just be mentioning few real common ones.>

Αα (Alpha)

One root of a quadratic equation (with β being the other), α-helix protein structure, α particle (He2+), angular acceleration, the linear thermal expansion coefficient, Thermal diffusivity, alpha carbon (First carbon in an organic molecule).

Ββ (Beta)

one root of a quadratic equation, β- particle (electron), β+ particle (positron), sound intensity, velocity/speed of light, elliptic latitude.

Γγ (Gamma)

Euler-Mascheroni constant, gamma rays, photon, specific weight, Lorentz factor

Δδ (Delta)

Change, distance to Earth, Heat, partial charge

Εε (Epsilon)

Axial tilt of Earth, an empty string, emissivity of a blackbody radiation, dielectric permittivity, Small positive quantity

Ϝϝ (Digamma)

Don’t know any

Ζζ (Zeta)

relative vertical vorticity, damping ratio, Reimman Zeta Function, coefficient of viscous friction

Ηη (Eta)

absolute vertical vorticity, index of refraction, viscosity, efficiency

Θθ (Theta)

Angle, potential temperature,

Ιι (Iota)

Donno man

Κκ (Kappa)

Kappa Graph, dielectric constant, thermal conductivity, spring constant, heat capacity ratio

Λλ (Lambda)

The Cosmological Constant, wavelength, latent heat of fusion, linear density, elliptical longitude

Μμ (Mu)

Coefficient of friction, muon, micro (10-6), chemical potential

Νν (Nu)

Frequency, neutrino, Stoichiometric coefficient

Ξξ (Xi)


Οο (Omicron)


Ππ (Pi)

Archimedes’ constant, type of covalent bond, pion,

Ρρ (Rho)

Density, resistivity, momentum

Σσ (Sigma)

Sum, uncertainty

Ττ (Tau)


Υυ (Upsilon)

Φφ (Phi)

Magnetic Flux, Work Function, electric potential, golden ratio

Χχ (Chi)


Ψψ (Psi)


Ωω (Omega)

Resistance, angular velocity
Sighhh that was long. This showed me how much the Greek alphabet is being used in everyday life. By going through each one of the alphabets I knew,  I was both able to organize my mind and see for myself how much it was being used.

Try adding your own usages of these symbols!


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