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On March 1st, the Korean holiday, the Korean Blue House site was attacked by the Japanese forum community 2ch. Though many people are aware of this issue, not many are aware of why such a thing happened.

The issue started with the 2ch forum about a Korean killed in Russia. 2ch is an anonymous Japanese Internet forum, often thought to be the largest forum in the world. The 2ch-ers wrote derogatory comments under this forum. “Award the Russians!”, “Why is this on the news? It’s just a dog.” Although this fired up some people for revenge, these derogatory statements were common, and others ignored this discrimmination. However, to worsen the situation further, they created the rumor that the Korean figure skater Kim-Yu-Na bribed the referees (Scorers) during the Vancouver Olympics. Enraged at the 2ch-ers, the Korean netizens of DC inside and many other online communities gathered to terror the 2ch site.

A cafe formed in Naver to terror 2ch. The member count of this cafe skyrocketed, reaching more than 110,000 by the time the attack was launched. Programs were distributed, and plans were formed quickly under a person with the nickname “The Leader”. These distributed programs did not use any form of illegal codings. It just caused an infinite page refresh. By using the page-refresh-technique, these “Online Warriors” planned to overload the traffic of 2ch.

On March 1st, the members of this cafe rushed into the various servers of 2ch and started terrorizing it. The result was devastating. Within 5 minutes, half of the servers crashed. Although 2ch recovered itself at an astonishing speed, it was met with even a stronger opposition;  soon, every single server of the 2ch site crashed.

The enraged 2ch-ers attacked the Korean Blue House site.

Although both sites recovered fully shortly after, this event got the attention of the Interpol. If such an event reoccurs, it is bound to get a serious investigation by the Interpol.

Although people started criticizing both sides for wasting time on such a pointless issue, people became more interested as the situation progressed; they cheered the sides with comments like “If winning makes you an idiot and losing makes you an idiot as well, be the winning idiot.”


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