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One day, Jerry’s Macbook soundcard decided to kill itself. I REFUSE TO WORK. The terrified Macbook, unsure of what to do, displays an X sign on the volume adjustment button while shooting a lazer beam out of its earphone jack. Jerry, shocked at this chaos, runs to the Genius center, or the IT office and asks, “WTH is wrong with my Macbook???” The Tech guy answers, “Your sound card is broken, you have to pay $100 to fix it.” Depressed at both the absense of his Macbook and the money lost, Jerry walks home, after a depressing day.

This is a frequent issue that occurs with Macbooks. More than enough of the times, the technician would demand time and money to fix a sound card issue. However, unless the issue is terribly serious, there is a simple, nonprofessional way to fix it. So lets go:

Materials: Soundcard-Broken-Macbook, Earphone

1. Fully reboot your Macbook

2. (If the soundcard error continues) Get an earphone ready.

3. Gently wiggle the earphone plug in the jack (as if to straighten the path) <- Try numerous times, continuously checking with F11 and F12 button.

4. If its working now, congratulations. If it isn’t, repeat step 1.

5. Finally, If this wasn’t enough to fix your soundcard, Now, go ask a technician.


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