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In Aldous Huxley’s popular novel Brave New World, the author describes a dystopia in which the society itself is able to be maintained perfectly, but the individual person is unable to keep hold of individual rights. Although this sounds like something bad, the people of the World State (The dystpian state) are all happy. Many people consider this “happiness” created in the World State as fake and worse than normal happiness. From this point, a constantly disputed topic arises. Which is the better model of the society? The World State? Or the society we live in currently? As the global economical depression drives many people to unhappiness, many people question if it is truly better in the real world than to be in the World State.
Although there is no real answer to this, I believe that the society may be better off by being a part of the World State. Although it is true that many people may view the state as unpleasant now, newborns will all be conditioned against anything that could potentially make them unhappy. Also, they would not have experience in anything but this lifestyle. Thus, the citizens will then be perfectly happy.
However, there are major flaws to this. First, unlike drugs in real life, soma of the World State does not have any sideeffects. Although in World State, you can take drugs without any pressure, in real life, you must always be careful of the consequences that follow. Thus, although the World State has a well structured society, there are flaws in maintaining such a society in reality

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