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With the World Cup approaching, people are getting ready to get fired up by this upcoming event. While the national teams are practicing endlessly, even the broadcasting companies are fighting to dominate the broadcasting of the matches. Similar to the Winter Olympics, the different broadcasting companies are competing with each other to get a domination of broadcasting during the World Cup. Because of the rapidly developing technology, even the electronic companies are pushing themselves beyond their limits to provide the best possible experiences for their customers. Recently, the commercialization of 3DTVs has brought the technology aspect of the World Cup broadcasting into attention. From Full HD quality to mobile to 3D broadcasting, this year’s World Cup seems to be a site of a technological wonder.
Recently, there has been many words about this new 3D technology. There are claims that there are side-effects to watching on the 3D TV. Also, it was pointed out that even though the graphics are 3D, there is no real meaning to that unless the sound is on surround (3D Surround Speaker). Recently, Samsung has made 3D TVs more utilizable when they released the “Full HD 3D LED TV 9000 series.” This was because not only the TV was now able to play 3D, it also had normal HD playing abilities. Finally, the TV’s ability to convert 2D videos into 3D played a huge role in its success, for, there are not many 3D contents available yet.
Interestingly, while the world is getting ready for this great event, there are 25,000 families watching the World Cup in Black and White TV in England.

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