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With the World Cup approaching, people are getting ready to get fired up by this upcoming event. While the national teams are practicing endlessly, even the broadcasting companies are fighting to dominate the broadcasting of the matches. Similar to the Winter Olympics, the different broadcasting companies are competing with each other to get a domination of broadcasting during the World Cup. Because of the rapidly developing technology, even the electronic companies are pushing themselves beyond their limits to provide the best possible experiences for their customers. Recently, the commercialization of 3DTVs has brought the technology aspect of the World Cup broadcasting into attention. From Full HD quality to mobile to 3D broadcasting, this year’s World Cup seems to be a site of a technological wonder.
Recently, there has been many words about this new 3D technology. There are claims that there are side-effects to watching on the 3D TV. Also, it was pointed out that even though the graphics are 3D, there is no real meaning to that unless the sound is on surround (3D Surround Speaker). Recently, Samsung has made 3D TVs more utilizable when they released the “Full HD 3D LED TV 9000 series.” This was because not only the TV was now able to play 3D, it also had normal HD playing abilities. Finally, the TV’s ability to convert 2D videos into 3D played a huge role in its success, for, there are not many 3D contents available yet.
Interestingly, while the world is getting ready for this great event, there are 25,000 families watching the World Cup in Black and White TV in England.

For many years of my childhood, I remember Sharper Images as a very cool store. Although it had mostly “geeky” attractions, the high-tech novelty gadgets they sold were pretty cool either way. Although most of these cool gadgets were mostly useless, that wasn’t the point. Filled with life sized light sabers, hovercrafts that travel both on ground/water, full-size pinball machines, and etc, Sharper Image maintained its status as a very enjoyable shop to visit.

However, compared to the fact that the items are mostly targeted to children (Although some are for adults, too), their products are too overpriced. Although it isn’t much of a “rip off,” they aren’t really affordable considering that it’s pretty much useless. Like many people, although I enjoyed going to the shop regularly to play with the gadgets once a while, I rarely bought something. And even when I bought something, most of the times, it was one of those items that I took to school one day, everyone said “Wow!” to, and got put into the storage room.

Back to the topic, although this isn’t the main reason why Sharper Image failed, a lot of people probably have similar opinions about Sharper Image. The major reason why Sharper Image failed was because of the present economic depression that forced people to cut back on discretionary spending.

On May 29, 2008, a joint venture led by Hilco Consumer Capital Corp. and Gordon Brothers Group won a bankruptcy auction to acquire the assets of The Sharper Image, paying more than $49 million for the company’s assets.

On, the site provides numerous interesting “hacking” challenges to the users. To make an account and log into the site, the site provides “simple (not really)” challenges. By passing through the 5 warmup challenges, you can make an account. Really, its pretty interesting. I will explain each of the warmups here, although if you really want to try the warmups, you should do them yourself..

-Warning- The author is not proficient himself, so don’t trust him too much

You should do this on Google Chrome…just makes your life easier

Warmup 1
View the source… scroll to the bottom of the page. There, you should be able to find the password without a problem.
Hint: + indicates to put the words together without the + sign.

Warmup 2
Telnet the site.
To telnet means to establish a connection with the Telnet protocol.
To do this, run the telnet command on terminal…or cmd.
it should look something like: telnet 22
The 22 indicates the port number with 22 being the default.
This should tell you the ssh similar to the one given by the example

Warmup 3
This one is funny: it tells you to pick a bacon out of a list…that doesn’t include one.
The list gives apples, lemons, mangos, and oranges, but nowhere can you find bacons.
Here, you have to edit the source of the page so that there is a bacon.
If you are on google chrome, go to view, developer, developer tools. There, search for the source that codes for the selection box. With it found, write an option for bacons:

<select name=”chosen”>
<option value=”Apple”>Apple</option>
<option value=”Bacon”>Bacon</option>
<option value=”Lemon”>Lemon</option>
<option value=”Mango”>Mango</option>
<option value=”Orange”>Orange</option>

With the bacon in there, the list now should contain a bacon. Select it, then proceed to warmup 4.

Warmup 4

Similar to number 2, the site tells you to get the password from a page that cannot be opened with a browser.

Go to terminal again and type:

telnet 80

this connects you with the site.

To get the specific page, you type


This will give you the answer.


Warmup 5  [Edited] <- Thank you people for commenting


I don’t know if this is the right method but, just try every digit/alphabet until the numbers get close enough.

To save you from the pain, the pw is live.

The password changes…you’re on your own for this one. It’s more time consuming than difficult.

Congrats, now you can register for the site. (All that just to register)

One day, Jerry’s Macbook soundcard decided to kill itself. I REFUSE TO WORK. The terrified Macbook, unsure of what to do, displays an X sign on the volume adjustment button while shooting a lazer beam out of its earphone jack. Jerry, shocked at this chaos, runs to the Genius center, or the IT office and asks, “WTH is wrong with my Macbook???” The Tech guy answers, “Your sound card is broken, you have to pay $100 to fix it.” Depressed at both the absense of his Macbook and the money lost, Jerry walks home, after a depressing day.

This is a frequent issue that occurs with Macbooks. More than enough of the times, the technician would demand time and money to fix a sound card issue. However, unless the issue is terribly serious, there is a simple, nonprofessional way to fix it. So lets go:

Materials: Soundcard-Broken-Macbook, Earphone

1. Fully reboot your Macbook

2. (If the soundcard error continues) Get an earphone ready.

3. Gently wiggle the earphone plug in the jack (as if to straighten the path) <- Try numerous times, continuously checking with F11 and F12 button.

4. If its working now, congratulations. If it isn’t, repeat step 1.

5. Finally, If this wasn’t enough to fix your soundcard, Now, go ask a technician.

On March 1st, the Korean holiday, the Korean Blue House site was attacked by the Japanese forum community 2ch. Though many people are aware of this issue, not many are aware of why such a thing happened.

The issue started with the 2ch forum about a Korean killed in Russia. 2ch is an anonymous Japanese Internet forum, often thought to be the largest forum in the world. The 2ch-ers wrote derogatory comments under this forum. “Award the Russians!”, “Why is this on the news? It’s just a dog.” Although this fired up some people for revenge, these derogatory statements were common, and others ignored this discrimmination. However, to worsen the situation further, they created the rumor that the Korean figure skater Kim-Yu-Na bribed the referees (Scorers) during the Vancouver Olympics. Enraged at the 2ch-ers, the Korean netizens of DC inside and many other online communities gathered to terror the 2ch site.

A cafe formed in Naver to terror 2ch. The member count of this cafe skyrocketed, reaching more than 110,000 by the time the attack was launched. Programs were distributed, and plans were formed quickly under a person with the nickname “The Leader”. These distributed programs did not use any form of illegal codings. It just caused an infinite page refresh. By using the page-refresh-technique, these “Online Warriors” planned to overload the traffic of 2ch.

On March 1st, the members of this cafe rushed into the various servers of 2ch and started terrorizing it. The result was devastating. Within 5 minutes, half of the servers crashed. Although 2ch recovered itself at an astonishing speed, it was met with even a stronger opposition;  soon, every single server of the 2ch site crashed.

The enraged 2ch-ers attacked the Korean Blue House site.

Although both sites recovered fully shortly after, this event got the attention of the Interpol. If such an event reoccurs, it is bound to get a serious investigation by the Interpol.

Although people started criticizing both sides for wasting time on such a pointless issue, people became more interested as the situation progressed; they cheered the sides with comments like “If winning makes you an idiot and losing makes you an idiot as well, be the winning idiot.”