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This anime is the most innovative one I have ever watched in my life (Life=around 300 anime = 1000 x 24 episodes x 25 minutes each x 1hour/60 minutes x 1day/24hours= 416 days). This piece of artwork should be awarded or something because it provides students with an incentive to actually study hard. Lets go deeper into the plot.

The Fumizuki Academy, where the main character attends, is a private school where a caste-like system is severely enforced. In this academy, the grade is divided into 7 classes. From A to F class, the facilities and privileges available to students vary. The A class are given unbelievably luxurious facility. The F class is given nothing except the room itself. For a better school life, the students are challenged to get into higher-level classes by scoring high on tests. Individuals can move up or down classes through the entrance exam at the beginning of each year, and a class as a whole can trade facilities with another class by having a “battle”.

In these class battles, students literally battle with their avatars that appear automatically in battle conditions (Something very hi-tec). These avatars fight with each other and if the leader of each class is captured, the losing class complies to the winning class’s wishes (Whether not to trade facilities).

Now the “innovative” part comes in here: the avatars that battle each other have attack points that is proportional to the test scores the owner of the avatar received previously in the subject of their choice. Not only this seems like an extremely fun event, the students are really motivated in this situation to try their best in tests, not only for the “colleges” that their parents want them to attend, but for their own high school life.

In the story, the story focuses on a main character that is an “idiot (where the name of the anime came from)” and is in the F class. This F class is special because a friend of the idiot is a genius who couldn’t take the placement exam because she was sick; she automatically failed the test and got into the F class. The F class makes several attempts to promote their facilities throughout the school year.

I will stop the spoiler here, just incase people may want to actually watch this anime after reading this review. As repetitively said, I cannot emphasize the degree to which I envy the students of this school; they are provided with unlimited incentives to actually study. Am I the only one feels like I would do better in that school?

A brief side note: I love how the narrator uses the term “academic warrior” to describe the students


Usually, the “harvesting seasons” of anime is during April/June and November/December. This April, quite a few new anime came out. Although you can find the partial list here, I’ll finish up what Claire hasn’t; here’s the rest of the list of the new Animes coming out this April:

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First 12 Episodes

Brief Intro…
Gurren Lagann takes place in a fictional future in which human beings have been forced under Earth’s surface. These villages have no contact with the surface world or other villages. To extend these underground villages, the people dig further into the Earth. Simon, a fourteen-year old digger, is a talented digger. Although he is despised by females, his fellow orphan brother named Kamina trusts Simon’s skills as a digger. One day, Simon discovers a “face” of a robot while digging….

Last 12 Episodes

The whole story is based on the theme of DNA. DNA symbolizes numerous things in the story. The spiral motion that is described to be characteristic of life is the shape of the DNA itself. The drill, that is portrayed as powerful, is spiral shaped. “One spin of the drill progresses a person, regardless of how small the change may be.” The Anti-Sprials are afraid that the world would collapse due to the immense energy created by the spiral species (Parallel to the Big Bang theory). Though they were once a Spiral-species themselves, they have turned against the Spirals to avoid the Ultimate Fate of the Universe (Wikipedia that, if you’re curious). The spiral energy produced by Simon and other spiral warriors are based on the essence of life. Likewise, Viral, as an artificial life form, cannot produce spiral energy, for, he is not a spiral life form.
Character Names Defined:
Simon: Derived from Simo-Ground
Kamina: Derived from Kami-Sky
Yoko: Derived from Yoko- Side
Nia: Derived from the word near
Roshiu: Derived from Ushio- Back
Riron: Derived from Lilon- Theory
Logenome: Derived from Lord Genome
Minions of Logenome:
– Thymilph: Derived from the nitrogenous base Thymine + Elemental Sylph
– Guame: Derived from the nitrogenous base Guanine+ Elemental Gnome
– Citomandra: Derived from the nitrogenous base Cytosine + Elemental Salamander
– Adene: Derived from the nitrogenous base Adenine + Elemental Undine