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On March 26th, the Korean ship, Cheonan, sank, killing 46 people in the process. There are countless rumors concerning how the ship actually crashed. Because these rumors aren’t entirely unsupported by evidence, we will briefly talk about the evidence that currently exists and two popular scenarios of the the tragedy.

The First Scenario

We take what the government is telling us as the truth. As the government implies, the Cheonan Ship was patrolling the coast. Suddenly, an explosion occurred in 9:16 PM. Due to this unknown explosion, the ship split in half. Although the front of the ship floated long enough for some crew to escape, the rear end of the ship sunk too fast for the rest of the crew who were resting in their rooms. The ship sank for a total of 6 minutes. There were a total of 104 men on the ship. 58 crew survived and were rescued. Many people presume that it would have been a torpedo that caused this explosion. As a torpedo explodes, it creates a mini-vaccum as the water is pushed away from the explosion site. Because there is an area of no water directly underneath the ship, the ship’s weight does not hold, and leads ultimately to the ship’s destruction. This meets all evidence that the government has released to the public. For example, the Korea Natural Resource Laboratory sensed a vibration of magnitude 1.5. They state that this vibration would most likely have been a response to the explosion beneath the ship. Included with this scenario is the question: “Who shot the torpedo?” Some people state that this may have been caused by the North Koreans and that a war may break out in the near future. This caused uninformed citizens to become blindly fearful of the situation.

A student of KIS stated, “I’m just afraid that if a war breaks out, all males of Korean citizenship in Sophomore year up will have to participate.”

However, there are many people who doubt this scenario. First, the government keeps talking about calculations that makes the statement about a North Korean torpedo accidentally drifting into the Korean Coast. However, although it may be possible, they do not seem to take into account that the probability is nearly 0. In addition, the government is keeping the survivors hidden from the media. What might be the explanation for this?

The Second Scenario

Others believe that this whole incident may have merely been an accident entirely because of bad maintenance. Due to constant pressure and little maintenance, the ship went through what is commonly called a brittle fracture. This explains many of the observed happenings, as well as reasons why the government would want to cover up the story. When the 1200 ton ship started leaking, it would have had increasingly more pressure on its tail. As the tail sunk and the front rose, the force on the center of the ship would have been immense; it explains perfectly for the ship splitting into pieces.

If the parents of the soldiers who died find out that their sons’ deaths were due to the neglect from the government to fund the maintenance, they would be simply enraged. There are numerous evidence supporting this scenario as well. For example, the American-Korean military were doing practice drills on water nearby; if there was a signal from the ship, the ships nearby would have undoubtedly heard the transmission.

The reason for this dispute for the truth is because the government-released details are very weak at the moment. There is not enough truth and enough contradictions that people are becoming increasingly doubtful of the facts released by the government. Although the truth cannot be found at the moment, it is clear that both sides of the scenario have their pros and cons.


On March 1st, the Korean holiday, the Korean Blue House site was attacked by the Japanese forum community 2ch. Though many people are aware of this issue, not many are aware of why such a thing happened.

The issue started with the 2ch forum about a Korean killed in Russia. 2ch is an anonymous Japanese Internet forum, often thought to be the largest forum in the world. The 2ch-ers wrote derogatory comments under this forum. “Award the Russians!”, “Why is this on the news? It’s just a dog.” Although this fired up some people for revenge, these derogatory statements were common, and others ignored this discrimmination. However, to worsen the situation further, they created the rumor that the Korean figure skater Kim-Yu-Na bribed the referees (Scorers) during the Vancouver Olympics. Enraged at the 2ch-ers, the Korean netizens of DC inside and many other online communities gathered to terror the 2ch site.

A cafe formed in Naver to terror 2ch. The member count of this cafe skyrocketed, reaching more than 110,000 by the time the attack was launched. Programs were distributed, and plans were formed quickly under a person with the nickname “The Leader”. These distributed programs did not use any form of illegal codings. It just caused an infinite page refresh. By using the page-refresh-technique, these “Online Warriors” planned to overload the traffic of 2ch.

On March 1st, the members of this cafe rushed into the various servers of 2ch and started terrorizing it. The result was devastating. Within 5 minutes, half of the servers crashed. Although 2ch recovered itself at an astonishing speed, it was met with even a stronger opposition;  soon, every single server of the 2ch site crashed.

The enraged 2ch-ers attacked the Korean Blue House site.

Although both sites recovered fully shortly after, this event got the attention of the Interpol. If such an event reoccurs, it is bound to get a serious investigation by the Interpol.

Although people started criticizing both sides for wasting time on such a pointless issue, people became more interested as the situation progressed; they cheered the sides with comments like “If winning makes you an idiot and losing makes you an idiot as well, be the winning idiot.”