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For many years of my childhood, I remember Sharper Images as a very cool store. Although it had mostly “geeky” attractions, the high-tech novelty gadgets they sold were pretty cool either way. Although most of these cool gadgets were mostly useless, that wasn’t the point. Filled with life sized light sabers, hovercrafts that travel both on ground/water, full-size pinball machines, and etc, Sharper Image maintained its status as a very enjoyable shop to visit.

However, compared to the fact that the items are mostly targeted to children (Although some are for adults, too), their products are too overpriced. Although it isn’t much of a “rip off,” they aren’t really affordable considering that it’s pretty much useless. Like many people, although I enjoyed going to the shop regularly to play with the gadgets once a while, I rarely bought something. And even when I bought something, most of the times, it was one of those items that I took to school one day, everyone said “Wow!” to, and got put into the storage room.

Back to the topic, although this isn’t the main reason why Sharper Image failed, a lot of people probably have similar opinions about Sharper Image. The major reason why Sharper Image failed was because of the present economic depression that forced people to cut back on discretionary spending.

On May 29, 2008, a joint venture led by Hilco Consumer Capital Corp. and Gordon Brothers Group won a bankruptcy auction to acquire the assets of The Sharper Image, paying more than $49 million for the company’s assets.